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No console - RILO - java hang - SOLVED


No console - RILO - java hang - SOLVED

I searched this forum for help on this and could not find it.  I did find a slew of resolved issues, but they all required a setting I was not able to find in Java.  While looking at my java settings I saw something that looked out of place and sure enough I was able to get the remote console up.  Since this post is newer you can be assured I am running a newer version of java than those other posts.  Some of them were dated back to the early 2000's.


  Under the java control panel choose the advanced settings and enable "Use SSL 2.0 compatible Client/Hello format" and give it another try.  I did not have to close my browser window and it came right up for me to at least see.  I've not done anything else with it, but had not been able to see the console.  This is the one that pops up into another window.