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No video on startup (POST)

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No video on startup (POST)

New microserver gen8. added 4 drives, usb kb and mouse, external optical drive (usb).  Power up has no video - monitor is the same unit I am using to write this - set to auto config.  Blue bar on bezel, solid green LED's (2) on front of mboard, back left rear LED's green.  Two beeps after a couple of minutes.  Have stripped all drives and addons with video attached - no difference.  No other visible or audible indicators.  Any ideas on how to move forwards??

Jimmy Vance
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Re: No video on startup (POST)

The 2 beeps after a few minutes is normal. The beeps happen as POST finishes during the transition to boot the OS.


Something you might try is to access the console over iLO. If you can't see the console overiLO then you probably need a new system board.



If your not familiar with iLO here is what you need to do.


Plug iLO into your network. Without video, you will have to look at your DHCP server to figure out the IP.  Get the iLO username/password from the toetag hanging on the back of the server.  Browse to iLO and launch the remote console application to see what the unit does when you power it on.  



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