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P410 BIOS problem

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P410 BIOS problem

Hello guys,


I have a P410 Smart Array I want to use to host 5x4TB hard drives, under RAID-5.

Basically, there is no issue.

I updated to the latest bios and when I boot the server mother board, I see the P410 Initializing, with its 5 looping signs and at the end immedialy quiting (no message) and the motherboard taking control back.

Imagining this might be some P410 config, I usee the offline utility and it changes nothing. The utility does not detect the card.

After checks, I found the card is properly working under old 3.66 bios, (detecting etc, all ok) but of course not with 4TB hard drives, and your latest bios (I did not tested the others) is the culprit.

Originally you were complying with PCI/BIOS standards and this is no longer the cast.

Can you please provide me a BIOS version for P410 working in standards, and so that will make your P410 card work properly on a Asus P9D-MV server motherboard.


Thanks in advance.