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I have a HP Proliant DL360 G4. It has a PCI-X slot which I would like to insert a standard PCI card into it. From what I read, PCI-X is backwards compatible with PCI. When I insert the PCI card into the PCI-X slot, it fits fine but is over a half inch away from the bracket were you normally secure the card in place with a screw. 1. Can someone confirm the card is backwards compatible? 2. Is there another riser board, adapter or something I can use to secure the PCI card in place. Right now it is just sitting in the slot. (No, I haven't turned on the power until I get this resolved.)
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It is possible that you may have the PCI-Express riser in your Dl380 which may be why your PCI card is not fitting properly.

Also, are you sure your card is PCI? What type of card is it?

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The Mother Board has a PCI-X slot with a PCI-X riser board in the slot. The PCI card I am using is an Adaptec PCI ATA-2944UW SCSI 5V card. I just got off the phone with HP and have been told that the DL360 G4 PCI-X slot is only backwards compatible with 3.3V PCI cards. That was weird because all PCI cards I have ever used run at 5.0V. I have never heard of a 3.3V PCI until now. Of course you should never believe everything you hear so I started looking at PCI specs. The following site pretty much summed it up for me: Page 7 shows the several different types of PCI slots availiable (PCI-X being the 64 bit slot). Mine is the third slot to the right (3.3V 64-Bit). Well, today is a good day. I learned something new even though I didn't get the results I was looking for. Bottom line, the card isn't compatible.

Thanks for helping out. If you have anything to add feel free.
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I copied the URL from the IE address and it doesn't seem to work. I went back to Google and copied the link before I clicked it. Here it is:



If you want I have an AHA3940 which will fit that server. Drop me an email or reply if you want to trade.

I believe the AHA2944 is a high voltage differential card. I've never seen an LVD card that is 5 volts so that still migth not help you.

What kind of device are you trying to connect?
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