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POST Error Codes

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POST Error Codes

I have an old compaq proliant 2500...running nt4 sp6. It has performed admirably for a number of years, but I am now getting some errors during post and cannot get the machine to boot. At power up I'm getting the following on the little screen on the front of the server:
Post Error Code 43h and 172-1

Then during boot after it defines the two processors enabled the following errors:
178 - Processor Configuration Invalid
172-1 Configuration Nonvolatile Memory Invalid

I then have the option to select F1 or F10. I've only tried F1 so far, when doing that the server just hangs instead of going thru the boot up process.

Any ideas on what might be wrong and what I can do? Is one of the ram sticks bad? A processor bad? Does some part of memory have to be cleared?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.