PSP for RHLE 5

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PSP for RHLE 5

After the installation of RHLE 5 on a Proliant ML350 G5, I installed PSP with the link below

I saw at the end of the PSP install that SNMP daemon is started , HP System Management Homepage is started too and also HP System Management Drivers and agents.

What do I have to do next ? (to take maximum benefit of this installation)
Can I contact the System Management Homepage with my browser ?
This is the basic problem of a newbie to understand the complexity of these tools
Prem Selvam Arumugam
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Re: PSP for RHLE 5


Once done then it ensures that you have drivers and all xyz stufs required for HP RHLE 5 to work properly on HP Proliant machine.

Thats it, it doesn't need any more configuration, but ensure you check the status of your machine by logging in HP System Management Homepage. So incase of Hardware degrade you would get an apt alert.