PSP for VMware

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PSP for VMware

I installed the HP Insight Manager Agents for VMware ESX Server version 7.51a on my VMware server.
The insight manager is able to show me the homepage link and I can access it. The problem is that there is no link for the Version control and not all the agents are installed.
I couldn't find any more packs to install on my server.
The questions are,
Are there more packs to install?
If more packs exist where can i find them?
Or did I miss installed something from this pack?

Re: PSP for VMware

Hi Alfredo,

Quite similiar to a question I just asked.

The short is that there is no PSP for VMWARE. As there is only one piece of software, the insight agent, there is no point having a version control agent to manage it.

I have questioned the lack of an ACU myself.