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PXE-E61 when boot DL360 G5

Edward Maris
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PXE-E61 when boot DL360 G5

Hi all. I'm trying to PXE boot from my SPT server (NIC1) but keep getting that error code. We put a network analyser on it and the results were interesting. When PXE booting, no broadcast was sent, but when it looked for a DHCP address, a broadcst was sent... I've flashed the BIOS with an upto date version, but no luck yet. Any ideas? These servers are pretty fresh out of the box and had no operating system! (Virgins!) Help me! edi.
Prem Selvam Arumugam
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Re: PXE-E61 when boot DL360 G5


Never rely on the Nic Lables 1 & 2. Its just identification not the way your machine actually sees.

Plugin the cable on both network ports and try PXE boot it should work. had worked for me.