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PXE ghost on a D360 G4

Hendri van Oosterom
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PXE ghost on a D360 G4

hello, for our colocated production servers i would like to boot Ghost from a PXE server.

The PXE booting works fine and when i boot Ghost from a floppy disk everything works ok.

The problem comes along when i boot Ghost from the PXE Server.

Ghost hangs and i have to reboot the server.

Software/drivers i am using :
Ghost 8.2
Microsoft server 2003 PXE server
HP NC7782 V.7.16 (The HP site says it is v.8.0 but the drivers self show v.7.16)

Nic settings
busnum : 2
devicenum : 2
portnum : 0
speed/duplex : auto

What i tried :
i changed the IRQ of the Gbit adapter from 5 (usb devices also have this IRQ) to 7.
this helped a little bit, i dont get the 'stack overflow system halted' error anymore.
the system just hangs without a error :(
Other IRQ's
Tried another physical port

I know there are different drivers for the HP NC7782/Broadcom 57XX card.
when i try the newest drivers from the Broadcom site the drivers arent loaded because the device cant be found (at least this is what i think is happening, the driver perfoms a pci bus scan and dumps the output on the screen before i can read the error message)
anyone who knows the correct config settings for these drivers ?

i think the drivers are conflicting with ghost.

If anyone knows the solution to my problem or if you want to brainstorm with me that would be greatly appreceated!
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Re: PXE ghost on a D360 G4

Did you make any progress with this? We are also having problems.