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Please help with firmware update on p212 controller

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Please help with firmware update on p212 controller

I need help updating the firmware for a P212 controller and a P410 controller. I have them installed in a DL160 G6 server running VMWare ESXi4. The "firmware maintenance cd" is not supported on this server. I have tried the linux instructions for the scexe file but can not get the scexe to execute. I always receive error "Make sure these programs are on the path: tar gzip tail sleep rm ln mkdir mktemp echo". I do not know linux so any help would be appreciated.
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Neal Howard

Re: Please help with firmware update on p212 controller

You might try booting from a Linux "live cd" type of distro, like Knoppix, Ubuntu or OpenSUSE, then try running the scexe file from a mounted USB thumbdrive.

I ran into a similar issue trying to update the p410 controller to 2.50 firmware on my new DL370G6 server that's running Oracle VM 2.2 Server (based on RHEL5.3). The scexe firmware updater complained about missing/incompatible libs under this particular Linux. I was able to use the firmware update cdrom 8.60 as my temporary Linux however, but I read in other forums that folks have had success running the scexe's under various temporarily booted Linux Live CDs.