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Please urgent help - hpnetserver LC2000

Obinna Mbagwu
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Please urgent help - hpnetserver LC2000

I have a hpnetserver LC2000. I wanted to clean the harddisk drives, therefore I removed the harddisks, after cleaning, I put them back again. It was initialy telling me drives not drives not in correct porition. Disk roamimg done. When I pressed F1 for the POST to complete and load the Operating System it said Operating System not found. Please give solution to these problem urgently beacuse there are critical applications and data in this server.Also It is made worse by the fact that I don't have recent backups. thanks
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Re: Please urgent help - hpnetserver LC2000

Sounds to me like the drives are not in the same position on the cable as they were to begin with.
Or if they are hot swap they are not pluged in the right order.

Hope this helps,Scott
kris rombauts
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Re: Please urgent help - hpnetserver LC2000

Hi Obinna,

the Netraid controller is smart enough and can handle the change in position of the hard disks since both on the harddisks and in the controllers NVRAM memory their is a table that holds the order in which the disks needs to be accessed and how the raid stripes are build. Their is no problem in moving disk drives from position as you could see from the "drive roaming" message.
It should just boot fine after that, so the problem is elsewhere.
Their is no need to change the disk positions again since you accepted the position change now and the disks are updated with their new position.

Try booting from a bootable floppy and inspect the partition table (still partitions visible i.e. ?)
Other recovery scenario you can perform is to boot from a Windows cd and make a second Windows installation on the same hard disks (make a dual boot) and then from their try to repair the original Windows installation (the one that fails to boot) , just choose a new install directory (i.e. c:\recover) to install that second Windows into.
Once this second Windows installation is rady you should at least be able to access your data and further then try to recover your initial Windows installation.

Your data is most probably just intact and available, it comes down to choose a recovery method now to access the data again.