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PorLiant ML 370 G2/ Small Biz server 2003

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PorLiant ML 370 G2/ Small Biz server 2003

I have inherited a problem. The serever has run out of space. There are two 9GB drives as RAID 1 and 3 X 18 GB drives as RAID 5. Someone made the RAID 5 drives a dynamic disk. Along with the data on this volume there are two programs. They are Exchange and Yardi. I would like to fail the 18 GB drive and replace them with 73 GB drives and then use two of the 18 GB drives to replace the 9 GB drives. Then I would like to make a new partition and put both Exchange and Yardi in that partition. I then want to reformat the RAID 5 drives and put in partitions to segment the data.Failing and replacing the drives should be no problem. However, my strong suit is not Exchange.

Any suggestion good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Grant