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Power surge on Hub port on ML570 G3

didier Ngatchou
New Member

Power surge on Hub port on ML570 G3

I have installed a new Proliant ML 570 G3 server with windows 2003 server sp1 and i have this message" power surge on hub port" and i have no usb device attached to my server . ANY IDEAS? Disabling the "notify" message is not a solution for me cause this does not fix the problem but just hide it. help
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: Power surge on Hub port on ML570 G3

Hi Didier:

there is a simillar forum:

Check it out.

- go to device manager and disable any unknown devices, it is possible that device manager detects more usb ports then there is physically on the server.

- also could be a chipset issue on the mother board, during windows 2003 install it did not detect or allocate proper resources (IRQs) for the hardware on board.

- make sure firmware for the server is uptodate and Proliant support paq. update 2003 to r2 and see if that helps.

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Yiannis Theodoridis
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Re: Power surge on Hub port on ML570 G3

Its one or both of the ports in front that are causing the issue.
We had the same problem with a lot of ML570 G3 servers in our institution. The problem was solved after replacing the small usb controller card which handles the ports on the front of the server (the back ports do not present this problem).
I believe it is strictly a hardware issue.
Most of our windows 2003 servers based on ML570 G3 hardware have presented that issue.
However i have installed linux on one of them and did not have the same problem. I can not say if that is relevant.