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ProLiant 1850R SmartStart

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Mark Fawcus
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ProLiant 1850R SmartStart

HP has the more recent (7.0 up) SmartStart CD images available online, but these don't support the 1850R. Does anyone know where I can get the older SmartStart images, or CDs?

(I have the server running based on floppy based utils, but I'd like to have the CD for next time!)
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Re: ProLiant 1850R SmartStart


HP has not released an ISO for the SmartStart 5.50 CD. You can order one through HP from this site:

Be sure to request SmartStart 5.50 as it is the version that will work with your system.

I have a request of sorts from people wanting a SmartStart 5.50 ISO, if you would please, send an e-mail (using this form) Engineering Team here asking for an ISO of the CD:
and then let me know you did by posting here:

G'luck! -john
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Cliff Hunter
New Member

Re: ProLiant 1850R SmartStart


I sent an email requesting the ISO. Would it be possible to download all of the 5.5 images? I have a 1.5M broadband connection.

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Re: ProLiant 1850R SmartStart

For those looking,

family models supported,
HP ProLiant DL760 (700-900MHz)
HP ProLiant DL580 (700-900MHz)
HP ProLiant DL380 G2, (667-1000MHz), G2 Packaged Cluster
HP ProLiant DL360 G2, (550-1266MHz)
HP ProLiant DL320 (800-1.5GHz)
HP ProLiant ML750 All Models
HP ProLiant ML570 (667-1000MHz)
HP ProLiant ML530 G2, (667-1000MHz)
HP ProLiant ML370 G2, (600-1000MHz)
HP ProLiant ML350 G3, G2, (667-1000MHz)
HP ProLiant ML330e All Models
HP ProLiant ML330 G2, (667-999MHz)
HP ProLiant ML310 (2.0-2.2GHz)
ProLiant CL1850 All Models
ProLiant CL380 All Models
ProLiant 8500 All Models
ProLiant 8000 All Models
ProLiant 7000 All Models
ProLiant 6500 All Models
ProLiant 6400R All Models
ProLiant 6000 All Models
ProLiant 5500 All Models
ProLiant 4500 All Models
ProLiant 3000 All Models
ProLiant 1850R All Models
ProLiant 1600 All Models
ProLiant 800 All Models
ProLiant 400 All Models
Prosignia Server 740 All Models
Prosignia Server 720 All Models