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ProLiant 5500 - Issue & What SmartStart

Harrison Midkiff
Occasional Contributor

ProLiant 5500 - Issue & What SmartStart

I have an old ProLiant 5500. I installed W2K sp4 with hot fixes with SmartStart 5.5. When I am on the console and try to get into the network settings so I can configure the NIC do not show up. Also I can not shut the box down with out power it off manually. (Not good) If I terminal into the server everything seems to be fine. Any ideas? Would another SmartStart fix this. Since it is a legacy server I don't think I can use the newest Foundation Pack?




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Chanler Childs
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Re: ProLiant 5500 - Issue & What SmartStart

Hi Harrison,

You should be able to use a newer SS to upgrade your 5.5 version. You might need to grab specific drivers off of the hp website tho, I'm not sure if SS keeps every driver. Worst case you can force an older version back on.

The 5500's do not have a soft power switch, hence no way to power it off without being there that I am aware of. RILOE boards may have a way around that but I'm uncertain.