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ProLiant DL380 G5 running ESX - G2 1/8 Autoloader Problem

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ProLiant DL380 G5 running ESX - G2 1/8 Autoloader Problem

I'm using a HP StorageWorks Autoloader together with a HP ProLiant DL380 G5 running ESX server and I've been having trouble setting it all up properly.

The virtual machine I'm using is running W2003 SBS. The autoloader is configured and all the tapes are loaded, I've installed the driver, but the OS/backup utility (Backup Exec 9) seem to have some troubles detecting the device.

I toyed around with the Library and Tape tools to see if it was connected. I added these two SCSI devices in the VM config (I added them while the server was running):

I then found the following in the tools program:

The error message is probably because I'm running Backup Exec simutaniously so I guess that can be ignored. However, Backup Exec can't seem to find the devices, so..

In short:
Autoloader on ESX server
Problems with detecting device
Has anyone done anything similar on ESX?
Is there any support manuals/white papers on this subject?

Backup Exec cannot seem to find the Autoloader/Tapes properly
When I have the two SCSI devices added the server can't start, it hangs on the Windows splash screen (also in Safe Mode), the only way to boot it is to remove the devices and add them after Windows has started. I guess finding the cause of this would be a good start

Solutions? (yet to try):
Firmware install on Autoloader?
BIOS upgrade on Virtual Machine?
Upgrade Backup Exec?

Thank you for your time
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Re: ProLiant DL380 G5 running ESX - G2 1/8 Autoloader Problem

I have the same problem and didn't find a solution yet.
I have the same hardware, but don't have the backup exec, i have data protector 6. I guess backup exec isn't the problem. I even tried adding the 2 scsi device on na xp test machine and the vm didn't boot as well. What version of ESX do you have? Mine is 3.0.2 with all the latest patches. I will try to upgrade to version 3.5 in the coming days.