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ProLiant ML110 - Always install DIMMs in matched pairs

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ProLiant ML110 - Always install DIMMs in matched pairs

As supplied, the ProLiant ML110 G2 & ML110 G3 achieve only half the Memory performance compared to what they are capable of.

Installing matched pairs of DIMMs

– in the correct sockets –

would double the Memory Performance and increase the overall system performance by 10-25%, compared to systems with the current single DIMM.

Check out this information which will enable Customers and Field Engineers to upgrade memory in the correct configuration and achieve an overall increase in system performance.


For background information on the Intel Dual Channel Memory Architecture, please see these documents:

Intel Dual Channel DDR Memory Architecture White Paper

Dual Channel DDR400 memory can balance the performance of the Intel Pentium 4 processor with 800MHz front side bus.

Personal Experience

In June 2005 I received a ProLiant ML110 G2 with a single factory-fitted 256MB DIMM. I installed a matched pair of PC3200/DDR400 DIMMs - in the correct sockets - and measured the following memory performance improvement:

ProLiant ML110 G2 ( Model 382050 / Pentium 4, 3.2GHz )
Single DIMM 2947 MBytes / sec
Dual DIMMs 4664 MBytes / sec
( SiSoft SANDRA benchmark )

The Intel and Kingston documents suggest that this results in a 10-25% improvement in overall system performance.

Install that second matching DIMM !