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ProLiant ML150 G6 and SmartArray P410 problem

Mikhail Zuskov
New Member

ProLiant ML150 G6 and SmartArray P410 problem


i've just received brand new ML150 G6 equipped with P410 controller. P410 comes with FW 1.58(C). According to what i've found in order to support generation 2 speed (SAS2), you have to upgrade the firmware to 1.62.
i wish it would be that easy...
after upgrading the FW of P410 to v.1.62, the server won't boot. It initializes the RAID controller, sees the disks and does nothing further. The only thing you can do is CTRL-ALT-DEL.
If you disconnect the disks from the controller, server will start up (but you won't have the disks).
Upgrading the server FW to the latest version doesn't help.
Changing the PCIe slot doesn't help either.
If you insert this P410 in another system, it works just fine, i've tested it in a couple of HP xw6600, z600 and Sun Fire 4100.
I've got another P410 and it has exactly the same issue.
The only workaround i've found is to downgrade FW of P410 back to v.1.58(C). As soon as you do that, it'll work again, but with no support for SAS2 speed.

Does anyone have any ideas?