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ProLiant ML350 G5 Memory

steven Paul
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ProLiant ML350 G5 Memory


I have a ProLiant ML350 G5 with 8 x memory slots. Four of these are in use, slots 1, 2, 5 & 6 each have 1 x 512MB PC2-5300 allocated (i.e. 2GB total). Is it possible to add 1 x 1024MB PC2-5300 each into slots 3 & 4, (& possibly 7 & 8).

Basically my question is "Can you mix memory of different size i.e. 512/1024MB in a ProLiant as long as you keep the relevant pairs in the same bank or does memory all have to be the same size?"

Thanks in advance
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Re: ProLiant ML350 G5 Memory

I have the same question.

We had a 1gb kit installed (1a,5a). Now we bought an extra 2gb kit. But the server does not accept both kits. Banks 1a,5a and 2b,6b populated. With only one of the kits the server boots fine.
With both kits installed it does not even boot. Just gives a long beep and orange LEDs along the memory banks burning on the mobo.

Does the server accepts a 1gb(2x512mb) and a 2gb(2x1gb) installed?