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ProLiant ML370 G01 & PC100 RAM

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ProLiant ML370 G01 & PC100 RAM

Hi there,

got a ml370 g01 from ebay for replacement of my good old proliant 3000.

the proliant 3000 had 1GB of 100MHz SDRAM in 4x256MB modules.

the new proliant ml370 comes with only 256MB 133MHz RAM.

now my question: is it possible to run the old 100MHz modules in the new ml370 with 133MHz fsb?

the lower performance of the 100MHz ram instead of 133MHz is no matter to me, i just need more ram than 256MB, and to save me money, it would be great, if the old modules would still work in my new machine!


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Re: ProLiant ML370 G01 & PC100 RAM


I am affraid that the memory of your Proliant 3000 will not work properly in the ML370 since the ML370 G1 only supports Registered SDRAM ECC. Your 100 MHz Memory SDRAM doesn't have parity in it something needed for the ECC used in the ML370.

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