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ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 - aka what a convoluted piece of crap

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ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 - aka what a convoluted piece of crap

So Folks, 

I've inherited one of the ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 servers, and have spent too much time trying to get this thing scrubbed and working.

In short, I would like to be able to update firmware, bios and rest to get them current, reconfigure storage and load different os.

However, each time I load up and hit F10 for ether intelligent provisioning or F5 for configuring storage, I get to stare at a blinking cursor. 

So, I've set off to reload and update firmware but finding anything on HPE support site is so convoluted and full of riddles or old links that is beyond funny any more.  

Hence this post, and a question is there any hope to get this piece of junk running again or is my time better spent braking it for parts and moving on?


Re: ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 - aka what a convoluted piece of crap

I sincerely apologies inconvenience you had.

Intelligent Provisioning (F10) or F5 (SSA) options are integrated on NAND flash of system board.

You may try to re-flash same by creating booting USB with HPE USB key utility to see if this helps to recover Intelligent Provisioning

.Intelligent Provisioning Recovery Media

USB Key Utility for Windows

If above option does not help, if you are comfortable, you may once try performing NVRAM clear using system maintenance switch.

Refer Server Maintenance Guide:

>> Power of server, disconnect power cord, locate System Maintenance Switch & turn switch 6 (SW6) to ON.

>> Power server back on, wait for 2-3 minutes and power off server and then put SW6 to off again and power server on and check for status.

In case above does not help, this could be an issue with NAND flash has weared out, which probably will require board replacement.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

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