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ProLiant Microserver won't boot with HDD(s) installed


ProLiant Microserver won't boot with HDD(s) installed

I'm having a problem in setting up a new ProLiant Microserver Gen10 Plus.  Actually, I'm on my second Gen10 Plus -- I returned the first one believing I had a faulty system board.  But, I'm having the same problem with the replcement machine.

Here's the situation.  The system boots and goes through the POST process just fine -- if there are no HDDs installed.  In fact I've gone through this process several times in order to flash BIOS to v2.18 (the latest version) and enable the Smart Array Controller.

After doing this, I power down the server and install the HDDs.  They are brand new HPE 871332-001 drives which I've been assured are compatible with this server.

Now, when I power on the server, the power LED flashes green for about 5 second.  It then starts flashing amber, the Heath LED starts flashing red and the Network LED starts green.  They all flash in unison and the machine refuses to boot.  I've left the machine in this state for about 5 minutes just to see if anything changes.  it does not.

I've had 4-5 tech chats and a review of the AHS logs with HPE customer service personnel regarding this problem.  Based on those sessions, I have received a replacement drive assembly cable and a replacement system board (for the current machine).  No luck with either repacement. The problem persists.

I'm probably doing something wrong.  Either that or I'm extremely unlucky in that I've received three faulty system boards.  

For those familiar with the AHS logs, this is what we're seeing in those logs:


10/31/2020 20:47:42 231: Server Critical Fault (Service Information: Power On Fault System Board P12V Main/AUX Regulators (10h)) ACTION:Gather Active Health System logs and create a support case."

If anyone out there has any advice on resolving this issue, please send it along.

Thank you.


Re: ProLiant Microserver won't boot with HDD(s) installed


Good day.

Based on the error event which you have shared i see HPE artical as below.

Power On Fault System Board P12V Main/AUX Regulators (10h))

after following up avobove link if still issue is following up pls contact HPE support team for further assist

Thank you

Ravi swamy




I am a HPE Employee

Re: ProLiant Microserver won't boot with HDD(s) installed

Hi @Raviswamy 

Thanks for sending the links.  

Previous engineers who have looked into this problem have had me replace the drive assembly cabling and the system board.  Neither corrected the problem.  So, I am beginning to think that this might well be a problem with the power supply of the power supply firmware.

I just took another look from a recent AHS file I downloaded.  

In the Power Supplies section, it reads: Power Supply 1 @ 0 Watts

That doesn't look right.

Does this give you any hints as to the problem?



Re: ProLiant Microserver won't boot with HDD(s) installed

I am facing a similar issue on my Gen 10 Plus. Mine too is brand new which I received earlier this week.
I can boot from a USB stick connected to the internal USB port that has ESXi installed.

It will not boot with HDDs. I have tried several brands with varying capacities from 256 GB to 12 TB.
I am seeing exact same behaviour on the power and health LEDs.
I do not have HP disks, but I believe a normal SATA disk should work.

The error I am seeing on iLO is:
"Server Critical Fault (Service Information: Power On Fault, System Board, P12V Main/AUX Regulators (02h))"
The error message is slightly different, where your system got 10h but mine is 02h

I have reported this to HP and they are in the process of obtaining spare parts.
They are planning to replace system board, drive back plane and cable.

Your post makes me worried as it appears these are the same parts which were replaced on your system.

Did you managed to fix this at all?



Re: ProLiant Microserver won't boot with HDD(s) installed


You problem does sound the same as the one I encountered.

I had this problem with two ProLiant Microserver Gen10 Plus machines.  I returned the first one because of the problem and ordered another one only to have the same problem with that one.

I tried half a dozen different drives -- both HP and non-HP drive.  No luck.  HPE engineers then had me replace the system board -- twice!  Still no luck.  We then replaced the drive assembly cable. That also failed to correct the problem.

So, after spending about two months on this issue, I threw in the towel and returned the second ProLiant machine on Wednesday.

Just out of curiousity, where did you purchase your server?  I purchased mine from CDW.  Given that I received two from them with the same problem, I'm wondering if they received a bad batch from HPE.

I hope you have better luck than I did.  It seems like a great little machine -- if they figure out this issue.  Do keep me apprised.  I'm curious to see if they can figure out this one.




Re: ProLiant Microserver won't boot with HDD(s) installed

Hi JeffMcG,

Mine is from Amazon.

It will be really disappointing if I had to return this. I was waiting for months for this to be available and bought it exactly for the 4 onboard NICs and perfectly small size that can fit 4 HDDs.

I am sorry to hear your experience for the 2 months to get it fixed in vain.

I will certainly keep this post updated.


Re: ProLiant Microserver won't boot with HDD(s) installed

Good news finally. The issue was fixed after replacing the system board by HP.