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ProLiant Support Pack on ML 115 G5?

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ProLiant Support Pack on ML 115 G5?


Thanks to Pieter 't Hart's answer over in another thread of mine, I have discovered the wonders of the ProLiant Support Pack. However, according to this FAQ ( )only the 300/500 models of the ML series are supported. I have an ML 115 G5 and I just seemingly successfully used the Smart Update Manager to update all of the drivers and other management utilities on my server.

My question is: has anyone else successfully used the PSP on an ML model lower than the 300/500 series? Does HP just not "support" it on models lower than 300 but it will probably still work? So far all seems well with it.

Thanks for your help,
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: ProLiant Support Pack on ML 115 G5?

Hi there,
Im back too ... :)

the PSP installation will start with detection of what system you run it on. It will also detect what hardware is installed and (only) install apporpriate "modules".
If the system is not supported the PSP installation will probably stop.
So you can try the "brute force" method, i don't think you will break anything starting the PSP installation.

the PSP is part of the "HP ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack"
as in

the foundation pack looks suitable for the ml115 G5 as in〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64180&taskId=135&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=3683705
but this "general" section may also be read as : for all proliants.......

there is a difference...
the ML115 seems to use a "HP ProLiant ML115 G5 Easy Set-up CD" as the others use "SmartStart"
central point of reference〈=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=3683705&taskId=135

If from here I select W2003 as OS.

Re: ProLiant Support Pack on ML 115 G5?

Thanks again for the help.

I installed the PSP on my ML 115 G5 and successfully ran the HP Smart Update Manager. I installed a pre-configured package of drivers just fine. My server now has the HP System Management Homepage that I can successfully browse. The only issue is that I don't have a array controller that can use the HP ACU (this one is an NVidia controller). Other than that, I'm happy to report that all my drivers are updated and living in peaceful harmony. =)

Strange that this works... I hope that there is no "other shoe" that will drop.

Any thoughts?

Re: ProLiant Support Pack on ML 115 G5?

P.S., yes I am aware that there is no SmartStart CD. I was disappointed in that. The Easy Set up CD was very nearly useless in what it offered to do for me. Oh well.