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ProLiants running Linux, teaming and management questions

Gordon Armstrong_1
Occasional Contributor

ProLiants running Linux, teaming and management questions

Hello to all...

So questions on running Linux ES 4 on a pair of DL360g4p and a pair of DL380G4

I've done the base install and applied PSP7.52, but being new to Linux, and not seeing any program entries for the ACU, Teaming Util, SNMP config, etc...i'm at a loss.

Are there any guides around for accessing these things in Linux? Or can someone give some feedback.

I need to setup NIC teaming.

I need to get the servers to properly show up in SIM 5, including alerts.

I need to see the ACU, I found the CLI version but being a GUI person, that would be better.

Thanks in advance!

Chris Rosan
Valued Contributor

Re: ProLiants running Linux, teaming and management questions

I take it you're using Redhat ES4?

I don't know of an GUI ACU for redhat. I normally use the smartstart CD to setup the RAID before I install the OS on linux machines. Typically you don't need to change it once it's setup, but I have used the CLI on both windows & linux machines and once you work out the commands.

Install the rpm package "kernel-doc". If you're machine is connected to redhat network then run "up2date kernel-doc" and this will install it.

This will install a file called "bonding.txt" this has all the instructions you need in it.

Make sure you setup either miimon or arp-mon for the bonding.

If you need more info let me know.