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Problem with Proliant ML310

Alessio Giuliano
New Member

Problem with Proliant ML310


I have a very strange problem. I have to install Win2000 Server on a new Proliant ML310 with integrated SATA RAID controller. But the SmartStart 7.30 tells me that is not possible to install the operating system on the Hard Drive attached to SATA controller because the SATA controller is not supported. Because i have not floppy drive, there is some way to install the operting system with Smart Start on the SATA hard drive?

Thank you in advance


Re: Problem with Proliant ML310

hi alessio,

unfortunately the smart start it supports exclusively the smart Array therefore convene to you to leave with the cd of 2000 to unload the driver then to you of the sata one from the situated HP ( and once finished the installation of 2000 inserting the cd of smart start the 7,30 and launch the installation of the PSP (Proliant Support Pack, in this way installs all driver of HP and the utility.