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Problem with SmartArray 221 Diagnostics

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Problem with SmartArray 221 Diagnostics

I have three Proliant 1600s with the same configurations each running Windows 2000 Server. Each has a Smart Array 221 and a full compliment of Hot Plug drives. All have been updated with the current Smart Array driver and the Smart Array 221 firmware is current.

One of the systems runs fine. I can run the Smart Array diagnostic program on it and see what is happening with the drives.

On the other two systems, I get an error when I run the diagnostic. It tells me there is no Smart Array controller installed.

The other two systems are having boot problems. The are taking longer and longer to boot. They pause for a long time near the end of the Windows startup process at what appears to be the same point and the drive lights run for the remaining time until Windows finally comes up. One takes 10 minutes, the other 30. I have found no other problems and want to test the Array controller.

Any ideas on why it isn't being recognized?