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Problems with DL320 and embedded SATA driver with SLES 10

Jamie Hopwood
Occasional Contributor

Problems with DL320 and embedded SATA driver with SLES 10

I've search the forums and seen that other people are having problems with the DL320's SATA controller
I've been trying for 2 days to get mine working, i'm going to start to hit deadlines soon if i dont get this thing working.

the DL320's i've got are brand new AH646 HP ProLiant DL320 G5 2.13GHz SATA Server - Smart Buy version with 2 additional 2gb of HP memory, PIC-X riser card and an Intelpro 1000 MT quad nic.

so far I've tried both the 64bit and 32bit versions of SLES 10 ( not SP1) with kernel

I've setup a mirrored array and created my driver disk on a knoppix box following the instructions as found at for the 32bit version and for the 64bit one.

I've followed the instructions to the letter with only one differency i'm using the DVD media not the CD media.

Installation seems to go well and the installer seems to pick up the array driver from the USB floppy.
then the intaller finishes copying files and reboots the system, it finds the boot loader boots the kernal and then can't fine the partitions on the hard drive doesnt find the swap file at sb2a and then waits for sb2b to come up and then times out.

here is what i get

{general drive loading info}

sdb : unknown partition table
{Generic SCSI info + loading processor etc...}
{gets to}
loading reiserfs
resume device /dev/sdb1 not found (ignoring)
waiting for device /dev/sdb2 to appear : .................... not found -- exiting to /bin/sh

All 3 times I've tryed this so far i've used a default install including default partitioning.