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Problems with OBDR - can't do a format

Ognjen Palija
New Member

Problems with OBDR - can't do a format


My current configuration:
HP Proliant 380, 4 x 72GB SCSI disk into RAID5
HP Autoloader 72x10 attached to this server using U320 HBA controller

OS : RedHat ES 4 with latest upgrades
Backup Software: Data Protector Express SSE

I have problem with OBDR. After full installation of
system and all upgrades done I have created FULL BACKUP
tape with content of enteire disk.
Then I restarted server and started OBDR procedure using F8
in boot sequence of U320 controller. After another restart
procedure of backup have started. I made confirmation on
all menus and formating of first partition started.
When procedure try to start formating other partition I get
Critical Error 17: Error opening file
Drm: Error putting server information

and if I press enter I get 'Dr recovery exited abnormally, error = 0,

Can you help me with this error?