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Proliant 1600 - Rebuild Issue

Iain Rouse
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Proliant 1600 - Rebuild Issue

Hi There,

The Proliant is running a smart array 221 controller.

Ran System Erase for a clean slate - installed System Configuration Utility from floppies and went to try and load the Array Configuration Utility however the Smartstart CD won't boot.

As a result, no disks are being recognised.

The only ACU I can find on smart start 5.5 is for windows only, not boot time.

Does anyone know of an ACU for the 221 that can be run at boot time?

I've tried two from the HP site, however they require NT drivers to operate and fail when they go to search for the controller.

Appreciate any assistance.



Re: Proliant 1600 - Rebuild Issue

you must control that smart the Array is before controller and then must modernize the firmware of the cards. after to have created a volume raid from the panel f8 to the start you make to leave the smart start and then it would have to work.

reply for problem
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Re: Proliant 1600 - Rebuild Issue

What version of SmartStart are you using?