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Proliant 1600 query

nigel perry
New Member

Proliant 1600 query

Hi everyone :)

I have just received a proliant 1600 server. 2 x 350 P2, 768mb ram. I'm not sure what disc array it has, but i do know that it is currently running novell netware 5.1.

My question is three-fold.
1, how do i access the bios on this machine, as it comes up with the compaq flash, post, and nothing else. I cant seem to access it anywhere.

2, Is it possible for netware, to see windows xp, and vice versa.

3, Is it possible to load XP onto the server, and is it worth my while in doing this?

BTW this is the first server that i have come across, apart from the tech books. Which in this case, are a little worse then useless!!

Many thanks for your time, and im sorry for such a long winded question.

Be Safe
Nige :)
Enrique Pablos
New Member

Re: Proliant 1600 query

For your question

1.- Usually, in that type of servers (they are old) if the person who installed the server used the smartstart to install novell, the software created a partition with the server configuration... you can access this partition, with the F10 botton when the server starts.

2.- Yes and No, novell uses a DOS partition in order to start, so you can run XP (if there is free disk space, and stall XP pro, then says to the XP, that you have another OS installed in the computer, and can work, but only one OS will work at the time, and you will have to restart in order run the another OS. I still have my doubts, ok ??

3.- yes.. it will the a while but the answer is yes... it will you a lot, if you have the disks (cd´s) that came with the server, because there are the specific drivers for windows NT and can possibly work on XP
nigel perry
New Member

Re: Proliant 1600 query

Thanks Enrique for getting back to me on this.

After booting up the server this morning, i managed to get into F10, and have a look round it.

It boots up into dos, and from there, i cant seem to find whats on the drives. Could this be because its in a different language to regular DOS? Are there any particular commands i should be trying?

I've seen screen shots of netware in action, but how to i load it into the system from the dos prompt?

As for the cda disks, i do not have them at all, is it possible to download them off the net?

Last question, is it worth while trying all this, or to simply to zero the data on the drives, (if i knew how to.. damn language barrier lol), and dispose of the server?

Thanks again for your time, as you can tell, this is slightly out of my league here.. give me a desktop or a laptop any day of the week!!

Be safe nige :)