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Proliant 1600 server hangs when saving system configuration


Proliant 1600 server hangs when saving system configuration

I have not found anything searching for this issue. My proliant 1600 server was downed in anticipation of a power outage.

When I brought it back up,  got the error: 172-system configuration nonvolatile memory invalid. According to everything I find, this due to a failed cmos battery.

Installed external replacement battery, went through system configuration. When I hit save, it goes to "please wait", and then hangs there, no matter how long I wait. I cleared NVRAM through system configuration utility. Also reset NVRAM though #6 Jumper. No change, still hangs on "please wait" after pressing save at the end of system configuration. Also tried resetting cmos battery which cleared all settings but still hangs. Every things runs fine untill save option is hit.

Compaq prolaint 1600 pentium II 350 netware 3.12. Any thoughts?