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Proliant 1850R disable F1 at boot


Proliant 1850R disable F1 at boot


I have a Proliant 1850R and when it is reboot is stops and waits at the prompt for the user to press F1, this isn't ideal for remote restarts etc. Is there anyway of stopping this?

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Andrzej Kowalik
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Re: Proliant 1850R disable F1 at boot

You can change this from the Advanced options in the ACU. On the main menu of the SCU (F10 partition) press Ctrl+A and that should enable advance mode:

System Configuration ->Configure HW -> Review or modify HW settings -> View or edit Details -> under advanced features there is F1 boot prompt Enable/Disable

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Re: Proliant 1850R disable F1 at boot

I am really new to this forum, Andrez, can you explain what a ACU is...I don;t know much about computers, and I have know idea what you are talking about.
Terry Hutchings
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Re: Proliant 1850R disable F1 at boot

When you see the prompt to press F10 (at the end of POST), press it. It should go into the SCU (System Configuration Utility). This runs from the drive, so if it was deleted it won't run correctly. If it doesn't launch, then it will require getting the SCU floppies (4) ( and boot off the first in the set. When it gets the the main menu press ctrl A. This will put the SCU into advanced mode. Once this is done, select system configuration, configure hardware, review or modify, then view and edit settings. Scroll around 1/3 of the way down the screen until you get to "advanced settings" area. Change the setting for the F1 prompt there.

This server doesn't have a bios similar to what you may be used to. Theses utilities run off of the harddrive, so if there's nothing on the drives or the array is not configured, pressing F10 will not work.
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