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Proliant 2500 no video, no post

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Proliant 2500 no video, no post

Hello all,

A friend of mine dropped me a Compaq proliant 2500 with one processor pro 256mb ram. The unit has NO hard drives. Only cdram and floppy. when i connect the power cord to the server turn and power it on, nothing on the screen with show up. there is a green LED (ON) in the middle of the systemboard. looking at the diagram, it says that the LED is power indicator Socket A. the power supply fan is on. I verified the switches, the are set as it shows for 66mhz/200mhz. Am I missing anything here.?
Your help is really Appreciated.
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Re: Proliant 2500 no video, no post

Hi Ahmed,

If I haven't forgot, this server should have PPM attached adjacent to CPU, try to clean CPU & PPM slot and reseat them.
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