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Re: Proliant 3000 & Compaq Integrated SCSI Card

Derek McGowan
New Member

Proliant 3000 & Compaq Integrated SCSI Card

I am getting REALLY slow transfer rates through the integrated SCSI card on my Proliant 3000 (between 35 and 50 Mb/s) - does anyone know where I can find the following;

1) An upgrade to the firmware
2) A utility to fully test the Integrated Card
3) A Utility to manage & change settings (or is it even possible to do that with this card.

Bostjan Kosi
Trusted Contributor

Re: Proliant 3000 & Compaq Integrated SCSI Card

How many disk drives are attached to that card....are you having a SMART array controller or are you talking about normal SCSI? Depending on your server age the integrated card is probably UW...with a max troughput of 40MB/s so....
Nothing is impossible for those that don't have to do it themselves!
Derek McGowan
New Member

Re: Proliant 3000 & Compaq Integrated SCSI Card

Hi ...

Thanks for your response ... it is the dual integrated 32 Bit SCSI U320 that comes with the server. I have two drives (Mirrored though win2k) on one port, and an HP dat24 on the other.

I just checked the backup log yesterday, and rechecked some of my other things, I am actually getting between 35 and 50 Mbytes/Minute, not second as earlier stated (sorry, my typo), and on my back up two days a go, I got 15 Mbytes per minute ...

The main issue I am having is that system startup (Win2K) can take up to 30 minutes, and 7 or 8 or my services time out - so after looking around, I am thinking that maybe my SCSI is crapping out, but I want to confirm this before I tell the PTB (Powers That Be - sorry, Buffy/Angel fan) we need to buy a new SCSI Card ...

Mark Morgan
Regular Advisor

Re: Proliant 3000 & Compaq Integrated SCSI Card

Have you updated the scsi drivers in windows which compaq provides? It is a service pack you can download.