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Proliant 5500 problems

Tim Lunceford
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Proliant 5500 problems


This is my first time posting, so thanks for the help in advance. I have a quad xeon 450 proliant 5500 that up and quit, and have not had any luck getting back up. I have tried searching the forums but haven't come across a scenereo that fits my situation yet. Basically here are the specs of the machine.

Quad 450, 1meg cache
Smart Array 3200 (I am assuming, no tell-tale indication of what it is on the card itself.)
2 Gig of ram etc, etc...
Linux as an OS.

The machine powers up, but doesn't post. All the hdd's light up briefly and don't show signs of power after that. All the fans are running full blast, and there are no indications of any interlock problems that I can see, (no amber lights on the mobo.) I have pulled out all of the ram and re-seated every stick. I have pulled out every processor and its corresponding voltage regulator. No difference in operation.

The only thing that I am not finding out about is the power supplies themselves, and what exactly the led's on the back mean. Both redundant power supplies seem to be operating fine, but both LED's are lit up and stay lit up. I am not sure if that is something to be alarmed about or not. I didn't really pay attention to the LEDS prior to this failure. Maybe I should have (doh..).

I am thinking that the problem is power related, but am not sure where to start.

I am prepared to go to ebay and get another machine, but if I can purchase a part that would fix the machine and costs quite a bit less than an entire machine, I would much rather do that. Soooooo, in a nutshell, that is what is going on with my machine.

Again, thanks for anyones help in advance!


Tim Lunceford
Chris Rosan
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Re: Proliant 5500 problems


I don't have a 5500 but do have an 8500 and from memory they are reasonably similar.

Does your's have the screen on the front? My 8500 had one that told you about the POST steps prior to the video card initialising (before that there was nothing on the screen) and also the post after it.

The LED's on the power supplies should be on (they were on my 8500 and also an 3000 i had) whilst it was on. If the P/S failed it would turn off.

Is it connected to a good power source - does it have a UPS? It doesn't sound power related.

On a general note, If the server powers up what makes you think there is something wrong with it? No video on the monitor attached to the console? Do the network lights flash on the NIC and your hub/switch? Can you see the device on the network (ping/arp).

I'd suggest if you can't get it working you move to a newer server. I'd imagine that you can get a much more powerful machine for much less price than you'll pay for parts for the 5500 (if you can't find them on ebay). We did a bit of testing when a while ago when we were looking at using our old Quad proc 8500 as a testing/dev server and found that a HP D530 with 1GB of ram and an ATA hard drive gave better performance. Unless you're using it as a file server, most apps will probably run faster on a newer desktop than the old P450.

There are some pretty cheap DL145's & DL380's on at the moment.

What do you use the server for and we can probably help with what you'll need.
Tim Lunceford
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Re: Proliant 5500 problems


Thanks for the reply. The machine doesn't initialize the drives at all. Its hooked up to a monitor, and it doesn't show anything on it. No beep codes at all. I need something old enough to get the data off of the hard drives. I could care less about the machine itself. It houses all of my music, and some files that I really don't want to lose. What about a raid enclosure that could be hooked up to another machine? I have 3 other proliants that I can utilize, one of which is a dl580. If I get an enclosure that can house the older white case drives, will the data still remain intact?