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Re: Proliant 5500

Darryl Ball
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Proliant 5500

We have an old Proliant 5500 that won't power up. We have replaced the power supplies with different ones from another 5500 we had laying around. On the back the two green lites go green but the top one blinks.(it blinks in a pattern of one blink amber, and 10 blinks green) And still no power.(won't power up)
So we swapped the smart controller card with another 5500 we had and got the same results no power up.
Does anyone have any ideas what could be happening and how to fix it?
John Y
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Re: Proliant 5500

You may want to check your models manuals, in the link below,...possibly the troubleshooting section.〈=en&cc=us&contentType=SupportManual&docIndexId=179166&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=254914〈=en&cc=us
Stephen Kebbell
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Re: Proliant 5500


10x green and 1x amber means an interlock problem.
All processor slots must be occupied, with either a CPU or a processor terminator board. There are a group of LEDs on the systemboard to identify where the problem is. See the maintenance and service guide, page 135

Try reseating the boards indicated by the LEDs.