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Proliant 800 SCSI HD upgradation/replacement

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Proliant 800 SCSI HD upgradation/replacement

Hello all,
Here I've got a web server(Linux) which is running out of space. It's with the following spec.:
Proliant 800 (Pentium II 450 Mhz version)
SCSI Interface: LSI Symbios Logic(sym53c875)
Harddisk: 1 x IBM DNES-309170W 9.1GB (Rev:SAHR)

The HD, which I believe, should be a Wide-Ultra2 one.
My questions are:
Q1. what maximum capacity and interface can i use on the Sym53c875?
Can I, say, install a 36.4 GB Wide-Ultra3(Ultra 160) on it?(or even larger).

Q2. Need I run smartstart or upgrade any firmware/bios?

Q3. And also the SCSI HD termination, currently the IBM 9.1GB is installed with a terminator on the cable.
The label on HD says it's a SE/LVD, what to distinguish mode it's in(LVD/SE?), does it mean it's in LVD mode cause it's a terminator?

sorry for too many question :)
thanks a lot