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Re: Proliant 800 dual procs and windows OS

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Proliant 800 dual procs and windows OS


I hope someone can help me..I have a compaq Proliant 800 with dual 400Mhz processors with the latest rom update. I am trying to install windows 2000 server without luck...The initiall setup goes smooth and then when it comes to the reboot and starting up the machine shutsdown and restarts. I must mention that this happens when tryting to install any MS OS i.e (XP,2000,NT4:clients and servers versions), but if I pull out the secound processor the setup goes as smooth as can be expected. At first I thought I had a dead processor but all linux OS's install and recongnize the processor without any problems. I have tried pressing F5 at the setup prompt add scii drivers and selected all the available options: some freeze the computer at startup and the others shutdown and restart.
Please what am I missing or is this a hardware problem.
Thanks for your help
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Re: Proliant 800 dual procs and windows OS


Check out HP's support web site. Look for BIOS updates for Windows 2000 or 2003 Server. The older Compaq and HP NetServers require a BIOS update for the newer MS OS's.

Also, look for updated SCSI drivers

Hope this help.

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Re: Proliant 800 dual procs and windows OS

Sorry David...I did mention that I have the latest Bios update available and as for the drivers for scii drivers it would be no use having drivers for an OS that is not installed.

Thanks Anyway