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Proliant BL 460c system partition creation

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Proliant BL 460c system partition creation


I just receive a proliant BL460c and when i tried to create the first partition of 4Go with cpqdisk.exe and RDP , i always receive an error.
Configuration is 2 disk SAS RAID 1
I would like create 3 partitions, SYSTEM, DATA and SWAP
For the moment i just create the raid 1 and i'm blocked on this.
We also used WINPE2 to launch CPQDISK, i thinks that is the problem. Can you give me the right way to do this ? Thanks for your help!
Mark Wibaux
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Re: Proliant BL 460c system partition creation

From what I remember the SA controller will automatically create a default RAID set on bootup if it finds it has unconfigured drives attached.
What you might need to do is to get cpqdisk to initially remove whatever array setup is already there, then issue the commands to create the drive arrays you want.