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Proliant DL 380 mirroring not an option

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Proliant DL 380 mirroring not an option

I've got the server set up as a Raid 5. I've got all six HD's set up and being recognized. I can't find a way to mirro the "C:" drive. In the MS disk management the "mirror" option is grey out. I cant find a "mirror" option in the Smart Set documention or software. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
David M. Dodge
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Re: Proliant DL 380 mirroring not an option

If you are looking to protect the Operating system with a RAID capability, you have already done this with the Array Configuration Utility (or RBSU)and assigning all 6 disks to the array.

The OS mirroring option will only apply if you had two RAID 5 Arrays with three disks each. But this is not a standard practice since the operating system will take a performance hit if you let it do the mirroring. Best practices is to let the hardware of the RAID controller manage the disk reads and writes, and let the OS manage the system. If you wanted to have a RAID 1 array, then you would have to destroy the array(which includes the OS) and reconfigure the array as a RAID 1 setup, but you will loose the functional space of 3 disks since RAID 1 has a 100% disk overhead. IF you have not filled up the space equivalent to three of the drives, you could let the array controller migrate the array from a RAID 5 to a RAID 1, but this will take time and shouldn't be done if this serve is in production environment, but wait til it has a quiet period to let the array rebuild faster and it won't affect as many users.