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Proliant DL320 G2 SCSI RAID Problems

Andy Godding
New Member

Proliant DL320 G2 SCSI RAID Problems


We have a DL320 G2 running a scsi daughterboard (AIC-7892) for 2x scsi 72.8 Gb disks.

When trying to smartstart with 7.1 we cannot configure the array to raid 1 as smartstart cannot detect any supported controllers.

Having rang the HP help, we were told to reboot to ORCA however we do not have that option on our server. What we have done since this suggestion is update the bios to the scsi bios so we can now see 2x scsi disks when we try to install W2K3 R2.

Our problem is that we need Raid 1 and i cannot see an obvious way to achieve this as i now only see 2x Disk 0's at windows setup time.

We have tried smartstart 5.4 too which was suggested by HP as this was supposed to ship with the server. no joy. can anyone suggest how we do this using smartstart and /or HP tools & utilities only?

Many thanks... AndyG.