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Proliant DL320s

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Proliant DL320s

Just received a new Proliant DL320s configured with 6 750gig drives for a total of over 3 terabytes and RAID 5. I'm using Windows 2003 Server which only recoginzes up to 2 terabytes. I configured a c: partition at 35 gig. and was planning on using the rest of the storage space (3 Tera) for my file server. Is the best way to start from scratch and configure two logical drives and split up the storage? (hate to do that but???)
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Re: Proliant DL320s

Dear NF,

At any case to use the resource, Reloading from scrat is the only way out.

It's true Windows 2003 support only up to 2 TB --> Each has its own pro's and con's.
Simple Volume Max is 2 TB
Dynamic Volume MAX is 2 TB but in Software RAID configuration MAX 256 TB

* To acheive this in Software RAID you need to Prepare the hardware RAID in different fashion.

* You need to create 2 Arrays of Equal Size on your RAID Controller, then you can see two HDD listed in Disk management and so you configure Software RAID . to use all available space.

I would do this if i where in your place.

1) Configure Smart Array controller with 2 array in RAID 5--> 3 physical disks in each array.

2) Reload the Operating system in 35 Gig Primary partition C:\

3) Convert the Disks to Dynamic in disk management

4) Configure Software RAID - Stripping between the available Two Disk in Windows.

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Re: Proliant DL320s

Thanks for the advice but previous to you replying I setup the following:
Deletingthe exisiting array and created the following array so it looks like this in my array config utility:

Sata Array A
Logical Drive 1 (349998 MB Raid 1 +0)
Logical Drive 2 (3518532 MB Raid 5)

That should be ok, correct?
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Re: Proliant DL320s


Im sorry still your Array 2 will have a disk size with More that of supported 2TB in HArdware RAID mode.

Always you can start with what i have said in previous post.