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Proliant DL380 and DL360 NICs failing

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Proliant DL380 and DL360 NICs failing


We have 2 servers, one is a DL308 G4, the other is a DL360 G4. Both have been in service for a while. We recently migrated these servers to a gigabit switch and now one or both of the nic's in both of these machines will fail randomly, taking the NIC team out of service as well. I've run the diagnostics on these cards after they have failed and the only test that fails is the loopback test. If I shut down the servers, the nics are active and teamed after I start them again. This has only become an issue after we moved them to the gigabit switch. Any help would be appreciated.
Chris Rosan
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Re: Proliant DL380 and DL360 NICs failing

What O/S are you running? How are you negotiating the speed of the NIC's? Is it set to auto/auto?

I've had problems in the past particularly with HP hardware, linux & Windows O/S & Cisco switches in the past. I've found the best way to get around it is to force the speed at either and/or both ends. I usually do it at the switch because if there is a problem, it's easier to change the switch port back to "auto" than the server (you have to go to the server console to change the NIC's, Cisco switches can be done remotely). Try forcing the speed to 1000 at the switch and see how you go.

Also, make sure you switches are setup to handle the teaming with the correct settings.