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Proliant DL385 and DL380

Tommy Rotunno
New Member

Proliant DL385 and DL380

My name is Tommy and I am new to the forum so I thought I would introduce myself.

Here is my question...

My current live environment has an HP DL385 running windows 2008 64bit with 4 MSA20's attached using a Smart Array 6400 Controller. The server has been kind of flakey and I have a Proliant DL380 G5 server at my other office that isn't doing much. My question is can I swap the two servers out rebuild Windows and plug the controller card back in to the new server and still have all of my data from the MSA20's?

IF this isn't enough information pls let me know and I will elaborate further.

Thank you,
Mark Matthews
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Re: Proliant DL385 and DL380

Hi Tommy,

Yes I dont see why not.
The RAID information is shared between the disks and their controller, so as long as these are the same you should be fine to attach them to any server as long as it has an OS and relevant drivers for the controller.


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