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Proliant ML110 G5 Server Easy Set-up CD

Ricky Lie
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Proliant ML110 G5 Server Easy Set-up CD


We've bought ML110 G5 which is bundled with MS2008 standard edition.

As we installed the OS using Server Easy Set-up CD and entered all necessary information of the os, including the OS media type (DVD - flat file is the only selection offred).

At the the end as we are requested to remove the easy setup cd and replace with the ms2008 os, the server keep asking for the directory of the source os.

What kind directory should we entered?.

We thank you in advance to any help and comments on this matters

Ricky Lie
Lord Pit
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Re: Proliant ML110 G5 Server Easy Set-up CD

Search on the DVD disc directory called DVD1 ... i had this problem in my other G5 machine and found the disc data there. If that dont work, download the media from microsoft site.

This is full system disc without the key :)
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