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Proliant ML110 G5 Storage Server - SATA f/w flash problems

Clint Rabe
New Member

Proliant ML110 G5 Storage Server - SATA f/w flash problems

Hi All,

This problem is getting on my very last nerve so perhaps one of you fine men can assist me.

My storage server requires one of its SATA drives to have its firmware upgraded to version HPG6 from HPG1. (The drive failed previously and naturally HP send you a replacement drive with any firmware revision available in stock).

After many hours of navigating the HP website you will find the firmware upgrade advisory web page ( ) which then (with some effort) directs you to the relevant support page where the installation instructions are posted etc etc.

I noticed that this page advises you that the on-line ROM firmware upgrade can only be done on servers with either the E400/P400/P800 raid controllers, of which my ML110 has NONE, only the E200 HP Smart Array controller. It then advises you that for E200 controllers you need to use the downloaded firmware package (CP009916.exe) in conjunction with the HP smart update manager which is available only on the Firmware Maintenance CD for the unit.

Now my issue firstly is that there is no firmware maintenance CD that supports this unit! I have downloaded and tried about 6 different ones from the latest version 8.60 to the oldest 7.40b and no joy.I even found a support matrix on the website which gives the firmware cd revisions and the servers that are supported and not a single ML110 or any ML100 series server shows up on this list.(ATTACHED FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT)

I have had the South African technical support center hunting high and low for this info for weeks now, and still no answers.

What I would like to ask is if anyone out there has completed this process on this server in particular, and for the love of god, can you please pass your successful procedure on to me.

The server has the following:
4 x 500GB Sata Hdds (GB0500EAFJH)
Hp Smart Array E200 RAID controller (fw v.1.78)
Running Windows Storage Server 2003

You help would be greatly appreciated.