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Proliant ML150 G3 Drive LED & i2c

Nigel Mayo
New Member

Proliant ML150 G3 Drive LED & i2c

I have installed an Adaptec 2420sa SATA II RAID card, and purchased the necessary cable for the G3's backplane for data.

I have no status LED function on the drive carriage LED's as this machine does not have the necessary cables. The 2420sa and the G3 backplane have connectors for LEDs and i2c.

1. Do I need to connect both i2c and LED cables, or does the i2c control the LEDs too as part of it's function?
2. Can anyone recommend supplier/product codes for cables? Adaptec documentation only lists these for AIC and Supermicro backplanes - and I don't know the manufacturer of the G3 backplane.

Any suggestions appreciated.

James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant ML150 G3 Drive LED & i2c

Hello Nigel,

1) You need separate cables. LEDs are not a function of i2C cables.