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Proliant ML150G2

Luís Carmo
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Proliant ML150G2

I just bought HP Proliant ML150G2 (470063-614). For the first time in my hardware experience, this server only brings one cd (HP Proliant ML150G2 Server support cd bootable diagnostic utility version 3.0).
I'm using raid 1 (two 70gb scsi disks included). I cant find (if exists) the cd from HP with software like "hp management agents", and "HP System Tools"...
My questions are ... does this server have this tools included? "how can i control scsi disks and array whitout this software? hp dont deliver this software with this server?

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Luís Carmo
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Re: Proliant ML150G2


May i know what storage controller are you using with this server

By default this server is not shipped with the smart array controller to configure RAID.

If you have got a Storage controller from a different vendor u might have to use the the utility which came along with it to check for the array information

Eg : Adaptec Smart Array Utility - The option exsists in BIOS of Adptec, if i am not wrong the key to get in to Adaptec is F8

The HP Managements and system tools are not available for this server however you can install the MIB on this server such that you can control this server from a different server.