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Proliant ML350 G3 Power-On problems

Tomasz Galazka
New Member

Proliant ML350 G3 Power-On problems

I have a problem with my HP Proliant ML350 G3. Anytime I want to turn-on this machine I receive an "Internal Health Error" - amber light. I must turn-off and on few times (up to 30) to receive green light and the server go up.
I noticed on System Board two amber lights. It is "PPM 1 Status" and the second one is Processor 1 thermal or status (I'm not sure - the lights are rather close to each other).
After the machine starts (and have all the green lights) there is no problem at all. The problem is only when tunring-on or booting.
Maybe someone else has similar problem with his ML350 ?

Thanks for all your answers,
TD Adams
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Re: Proliant ML350 G3 Power-On problems

Hi, I have just encountered the same problem. Don't see any replies here, but did you sort it out and can someone help me.
The internal health system LED is showing critical but the fan is at full power. No display.
Prem Selvam Arumugam
Trusted Contributor

Re: Proliant ML350 G3 Power-On problems


This is not new, Its a system board + power supply + PCB between powersupply and System board, change all three. This is specific to ML350 G3 happens even in a well protected environment.


As a requirement you shutdown and then try to start, it will not,

A power failure, & gracefull shutdown, but still will not start when trying to switch ON

When made up & working by multiple trials it would continue working for even years.

My inference
1) No power surge or over voltage.
2) No memory problem
3) NO USB Addon device problem,
4) NO SCSI,SMART Array Controller, PCI Addon or HDD Problem
5) No network problem
6) No seperate powersupply problem
7) No BIOS/Firmware update fix
8) No Setting problem
9) No System board board problem


The easiest as far i have troubleshooted it is. shutdown the server, remove power, Try disassembling the system board, refix everything back, power ON hurray it will work.

Have some citical data or an SMB environment then the Downtime is huge.

Its safe changing, never rely on this server in this condition one day everything will giveup.

This is where HP Carepack helps get one or use the one you have subscribed.