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Proliant ML350 G4P

felix vang
New Member

Proliant ML350 G4P

There's a red X on the very top drive on the Server. When I checked the HP array Diagnostic utility and it said Slot 5 smart array 641 controller error report logical drive 2 status = interim recovery (volume function, but not fault tolerant)

SCSI port 1, drive ID 4 failed replace (drive timeout) error occurred reading RIS copy from SCSI port 1 drive ID 4. What is this mean? Does it mean the hard drive failed?

I've try going to the insight diagnostics online, but it kept prompt me with the use ID and password and I don't know what that is? anyone have any suggestion where can I get that user ID and password. I've try to chat with HP, but the p/n number wasn't recognize when I submitted the form.
Harry Lubansky
Super Advisor

Re: Proliant ML350 G4P

Normally you have to login with the administrative account, but it has to be spelled out in full, e.g. domain\administrator

Sometimes the interface doesn't work well, but sometimes patching the HP diag software resolves the login problems.